Thursday, July 12, 2007

Breed Egg moves and nature

Will be updated....Can breed any nature,egg moves and good IV but not perfect one if u want=)

Dratini, Bagon, Gible=> Outrage
Elekid, Machop,Mediate and so on=> Elemental Punch
shinx, poocheya, mavile and so on=> Elemental Fangs
All grass starters and some pokemon u want =>Left Storm

Seasel=>Ice Punch and Aerial Ace
Totodile=>Dragon Dance and Ice punch
Charmandar=>Dragon Dance and Dragon Claw
Swinub=>Anicent Power and curse
Larvitar=>Dragon Dance or Anicent Power
Scyther=>Baton Pass
Bagon=>dragon claw and dragon dance /hydro pump if u want only
Horsea, Lapras=>dragon dance
Skamorary=>Assurance, Drill Peck, Roost
Pidgey=>brave bird
Other pokemon which u want desire egg moves and nature

For IVs, the least IVs i can breed is 28 and good is 30..For IVs to be 31 is quite hard unless the parents must have perfect IVs....

Sp Att:28

Sp Attack:31


Looking for:
-Anorith with Cross Poison(male and adamant if possible)
-Any good pokemon with Good egg moves
-Shinies to trade with egg moves pokemon

This thread will updated and do not want to list pokemon which i breed which has egg moves cause too much =)

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Tommy said...

Do you still have the female riolu?